Women’s Fashion 2014 – Autumn / Winter Trends 2014

Year after year, will be interesting to wait on how the women’s fashion fail in 2014. For the year 2014, these issues have already been resolved but.

Womens Fashion 2014 - Autumn  Winter Trends 2014

Jeans are here, once again, not indispensable. But this is anything but boring therefore, because Strassbesatze, and embroidery, as also various Farbmixe are “IN”. Jeans can be wonderfully combined with skimpy tops in the summer, so that the free Belly attracts a lot of attention. In general, for women fashion 2014 in this year but to say that the darker colors are more trendy.

This can be just as strong Bordeaux different, dark blues, or even a darker held Pink. Dresses feature unusual cuts in these colors. With translucent materials, and tip must not be saved in 2014, because that is generally located correctly. Where in the combination with other precious materials can be very well refined.