The “Milanese mesh” is the latest trends in watches

The Milanese mesh is the latest trends in watches

If you are the type / so you like to be trendy and follow the trends of the moment, you can not be without looking at your wrist the ultimate fashion watch.

This season the ” Milanese mesh “or also called” mat mesh “will be the latest in fashion watches, and major designers and firms us their proposals as a fashion watch and jewelery is concerned.

The Milanese mesh is the latest trends in watches

On the “Milanese mesh” …

This trend is booming, with its sleek, minimalist aesthetic, is an old and known in the world of watchmaking.

We have to go back to Italy in the late nineteenth century (Milan, hence the name) from where we came the first designs of this type of bracelet. But it was not until the 60s and 70s when she had her period of splendor, being slowly forgotten over time.

The Milanese mesh is the latest trends in watches

A growing trend

Since late last Fall 2013, we could see the brush strokes shy Milanese mesh in some other collection of jewelery and watch companies of the moment. But it was not until now that he has regained strength, a trend that is hitting very strong, thanks to its attractive vintage style, accompanied by the comfort of a flat belt that fits any wrist, making a very personal and versatile image.

The Milanese mesh is the latest trends in watches

2014 new fashion watches

We show you some of the designs of watches with Milanese mesh, it sure will be a real ” must ” this season …
Designs all in plated steel, with zircons of different sizes, shapes and thicknesses …
To be totally … choose the latest model Milanese mesh gold or gold-pink, as this new season we continue with the protagonist for your gold jewelry and accessories.

If you like to change and risk a little more when choosing your new watch, we offer up these models with dark Milanese mesh.

For them too …

The Milanese mesh men’s watches is very attractive for its ruggedness and toughness, giving it a virile and masculine touch.