How to choose a right swimwear for you


Congratulations, you have finally reached the ideal beach body! The dieting was horrible, the exercises excruciating, staying off the sweets and drinks harder than you could have ever imagined, and being that person who would always have to say no to ordering pizza during late night parties with all your friends was just hard – to you, your friends, and, ultimately, the pizza as well. But all of this is now over. Your weight is much lower, you feel much healthier and, honestly, you feel like a million dollars. Right? So, why don’t you show it on the beach this summer? You’ve deserved it and you’ve earned it – go and get that admiration you’ve worked for! Before that, there’s one more important thing to be taken care of: the perfect swimsuit for your physique.


Why pick the perfect swimsuit?

Now, imagine Kate Upton and Cara Delevingne for a moment. They are the same age, do the same job and are always present in almost all newspapers, websites and TV shows, from fashion section to the celebrity gossip and everything in between. But, could they wear the same swimsuit? Just think of it for a moment and you’ll see how these completely different body types could never switch clothes – any piece of it, really, except maybe hats – especially not swimwear. Well, following the same logic, you come to the realization that picking this summer clothing item is as individual and personalized as it gets.


Due to this, you have to pay special attention to deciding what’s best for you and bear in mind that your choice is what’s going to make you stand out in the crowd and accentuate all the hard work, strict dieting regime and progress you’ve made. There’s no use in being slimmer and feeling hotter if your swimsuit doesn’t show it. So it’s not the same whether you buy a tankini, a bikini or a one-piece suit – it’s just like the difference between a skirt, a dress and a pantsuit. Also, if you are a man, be sure to distinguish among speedos, briefs, trunks, boxer shorts and square cut swimsuits: the difference is huge, but thanks to the variety, you don’t have to worry about looking your best.

How to pick the perfect swimsuit?

First of all, you have to know your body to the smallest details. Whether your back is slightly arched, or your behind is bigger than you want, or your legs are slimmer or bulkier than they used to be – you have to know these things. And it’s equally important to know the advantages as well as the flaws. Yes, you are not completely perfect, but no one is and it’s important to remember it. Don’t follow the headlines and let newspapers tell you how slim you have to be and what you should look like. You are what you are and be prepared to accept it and acknowledge all the good and bad sides of your body.


Following this extremely important step is the actual choice of the swimsuit.

Once you know how to identify everything positive and negative regarding your physique, it’s important to make those positives visible and noticeable. Again, there are several major types and styles of swimsuits and each of them have many, many variants, especially those designed for women. You can choose how cut they are, how much of your “problem” area they cover and how they can highlight your best features. For example, if your stomach is not as flat as you would wish it was or your hips are slightly problematic, this will definitely make a difference between a bikini and tankini swimwear. Also, the colors and patterns go a long way and a plain white swimsuit is not the same as a flower-pattern one. Finally, notice variations with the materials and, despite the fact that they are made of almost every material you can imagine, be aware that some of them might react negatively on your skin, so think whether cotton, nylon, lycra or even leather is to your preference.

In the end, with so many styles and choices, you can sometimes be too overwhelmed while picking a swimsuit. That’s why there are people who are professionals in this field of work, so can contact them and they’ll be happy to help you. Being experts, they can assess which type, material, color or even pattern will match your unique body the most.

What to do with the perfect swimsuit?

This part is the easiest: go to the beach, or the pool, and feel like a new you. Losing some weight, getting into shape and having a brand new swimsuit truly makes you a reinvented person and you should embrace this – grab the opportunity and be the woman of the hour!