Realize the importance of good shoes

Our feet are important, but we sometimes forget just how important until we’ve been on our feet all day and realize how tired they are. Standing or walking for many hours can also make us realize the importance of good shoes that provide strong arch and heel support and plenty of wiggle-room in the toe box.


If you have a job that’s particularly tough on your feet, you’re probably well aware of the importance of choosing a well-made pair of shoes that help give your feet and lower back the ongoing support you need.

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a good pair of work shoes for all-day wear. Affordability and style are two of the more basic elements. The style issue may not be just a matter of what looks good, but what you need for a specific job. Does your work require a certain kind of shoes to match your uniform? Do you need dressy shoes or shoes that will weather well in the outdoors?

Beyond those basic factors, you also need to consider the specific needs of your feet. If you have a high arch or a flat foot, you may need to be especially careful about arch support. If your feet are especially wide or if they tend to sweat or cramp a lot, those are other considerations as you select your shoes.

There are many excellent shoes brands to choose from when it comes to finding a shoe that works for all-day wear. Womens New Balance shoes are a nice-looking running-type shoe that works well with many uniforms. They provide their patented “Walking Strike Path” technology to help support your foot through its walking gait. They also make shoes for men and children.

Dr. Scholl’s is another trusted name in supportive footwear. Their line of orthotics may be an excellent place to begin looking if your feet are in need of some good therapy. If you have wider feet, Rockport is another company’s whose footwear is well trusted and worth exploring. And Dansko provides beautifully designed footwear that might be a great choice if you’re in need of something a little more fashionable that still gives you that extra all-day kind of support.

Image credit: Nikki Ogunnaike