Top Qualities to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

wedding Photographer


The wedding photographer is the one person responsible for documenting the greatest day of your life. Pick the wrong photographer and you will not get another shot at this. This is why you should never scrimp on paying for a high-quality wedding photographer. When searching for a photographer, here are the top qualities to look for.

The Portfolio of Work

The top quality in any wedding photographer is the ability to present a portfolio of work. Get an idea for how good their photos are and the results you can expect. If you have an example of what you can expect from a photographer, there will be no nasty surprises when you get the results back.

Determined to Get the Shot

A photographer should not knock people out of the way to get into position to make the shot. At the same time, they should not settle for second best because a superior position would mean extra effort. This is a photo that’s going to hang around for generations. It is worth some extra effort.


A wedding is a live event and you cannot always guarantee that things are going to happen on time. You need a photographer who is willing to accept this. If they have to stay an extra five minutes, so be it. You should not have to deal with someone who is grumpy and miserable because of it.

This is what we call professionalism. A photographer at a wedding should be well aware of the things that can and do go wrong.

Ego in Check

Photographers are artists and artists carry big egos. It is considered a personal insult if someone criticizes their work. However, this ego should not get in the way of delivering a service. You are paying them. You are not paying for a prima donna attitude.

You should be able to tell the photographer what you want without them going away in a huff. Is your photographer gracious when you provide some pointers on what you want?

Providing a Service 

A wedding photographer is a service provider. Anything they say or sell you should carry the purpose of making your wedding as good as it can possibly be. The last thing you want is a photographer who continuously tries to upsell in an effort to make a quick buck.  Here click to visit the best wedding service provider.

Fits in Well 

Your photographer will be fitting in and mingling with your guests at your wedding. A photographer who is consistently crass and generally unpleasant to be around will cast a shadow over your wedding.

These qualities are difficult to find from a brief interview. This is why you should always look up reviews from previous clients to find out the reality of things.

Take your time when employing a photographer. To get your photographer of choice you should aim to start searching up to a year in advance. Remember, photographers prefer to book their schedules up to a month in advance. Do not settle for second best.