How to not lose your sense of style when exercising

style when exercising

Just because the atmosphere can get hot and sweaty at the gym, it doesn’t mean the usual style rules don’t apply. Motivation plays a major part in whether an exercise program succeeds or fails, and training while looking good, can refresh that much needed enthusiasm. Because what we wear makes a difference to how we feel, morale boosting apparel adds an edge to even the toughest workout. The good news is that it’s not difficult or expensive to wear comfortable, breathable exercise gear that also hits the right fashion notes.

Tops and bottoms that are specifically designed for exercise tend to be tighter and more form fitting than average. They are also manufactured to protect skin by drawing sweat away from the body, and the design enables wearers to see their movements more clearly. Although it can be tempting to throw on baggy clothes that conceal certain areas of the body, they aren’t ideal for working out and are far more suited to relaxing at home. Catching a glimpse of the areas that need work in a gym mirror can provide the inspiration that’s needed to succeed, so only use those faithful tracksuit bottoms for upper body workouts.

For people who feel self conscious about their body, a generous fit side-strapped tank top can be a great compromise between tight and lose clothing. They have plenty of flowing fabric around the mid-section, plus the armholes are placed low and wide enough to increase the circulation of air around the body. It’s a very trendy style, which wouldn’t look out of place on the street.

Flashes of mesh are also extremely popular right now, the latest designs have strategically placed panels to create areas of interest and cool off the wearer. The mesh acts to make each item super-breathable, but it also reveals areas of toned thigh, torso or upper arm.

The bootywrap is a specialist item that can serve a number of practical purposes and looks just like a cool sweatshirt. It wraps around the waist or hip area providing an extra layer of coverage, but also has a couple of handy pockets for personal items. Compression clothing is another clever buy, but always go for a reliable clothing brand. These garments give extra support during a workout, but also increase blood flow and allow the body to warm up faster. This means preparation times before exercise are reduced, muscles can stretch further during each movement and there’s a reduced risk of injury.

For gym newbies and regulars, the right clothing is essential for looking and feeling the part, but what about the finer details? It’s probably not a good idea for women to go for full-face makeup, but waterproof mascara, tinted moisturizer and lip balm can make a positive difference. Similarly, putting hair in a bun or ponytail, with a few loose tendrils, can give a casually glamorous look and keep longer hair out of the way. For those with shorter hair, a colorful workout headband makes a fashion statement, while also keeping those annoying wisps of hair under wraps. As for jewelry, a simple bangle or ring add sparkle to a gym suit, but larger items can get in the way and become tarnished by sweat over time.

Celebrities are often spotted heading into the gym with a water bottle tucked under their arm, and they’re always working a chic ensemble. Kendal Jenner prefers a crop top and tight workout pants in brighter colors, both highlight her slim figure, creating an eye-catching effect. Gigi Hadid has been spotted in a warm cover-up hoodie over her gym wear, matched with longer leggings and black trainers. The darker tones act to elongate her legs and extra layers are great for post-workout comfort. Anne Hathaway often keeps it simple with a black vest top and bright tie dyed yoga pants, as well as looking great, a pop of color can be an effective mood booster.

Although at an exercise class the emphasis is place firmly on getting the body in a better physical condition, cultivating a stylish appearance is also part of the gym ritual. Try to avoid throwing together an outfit at the last minute, or wearing anything that’s available. Moreover, after assembling a kit that looks the part and does the job, always keep it clean, fresh and ready to go. By combining a range of technologically advanced materials and a distinctly couture aesthetic, style and substance have been perfectly blended in today’s modern sportswear.