Amelia Toro returns to school

Amelia Toro returns to school

Colombian designer was inspired by the uniforms of British schools for spring-summer 2016. Dominated by white shirts, fabrics like herringbone and burgundy tones. A female given with male accents and structured silhouettes.

“Rather than follow trends, look imposing. always be one step ahead”, says Amelia Toro, while delicately dipped organic tea bag in a cup of boiling water in a restaurant in the Zona Rosa of Bogota, a few blocks from his boutique. That, he says, is the goal imposed increasingly facing the challenge of designing a new collection.

However, this time I wanted to go a little further, and surprise away from what is usually expected of her.

Missing a few days to present his spring-summer 2016 proposal, a project in which several factors came together, as she explains, they gave unity and coherence to the whole. “This collection is very masculine, I was inspired by the classic uniforms British schools. So there are many shirts in lightweight fabrics and garments, but with textures like tweed and Prince of Wales fishbone. ”

Also he ensures that used this concept to depart from one of the labels that identify with: the dresses. “Of course I included some, there is nothing better than to wear a dress, because we must not think about how to combine them. In fact, my uniform, “he says as he stands and models the black dress is wearing.

“But I want to offer more options, the possibility of combining skirts, pants, shirts, jackets, separate pieces.

This season is strong wide pants boot, it can be descaderado or waist, and as spring and summer, going to the ankle, capri “. Chromatically also he wanted out of the mold and not be restricted to the typical shades of the season. “There is some fall this spring.”

Black, white, gray, red and blue wine, and traditional and characteristic brand colors. As a counterweight, prints play an important role in the proposal. “In some of the designs referred to the revival of the sixties and seventies, again referring to British culture, the era of the Beatles, Andy Warhol a retro influence reinterpreted through color, proportions and silhouettes structured “.

Fabrics and textures chosen were crucial to ensure that the proposal would adapt to climates and temperatures that exist in different regions and cities. “I have clothes that are a little heavier, ideal for use at this time in places like Bogota or Medellin, which use very thin silk and wool mixed with cotton; and others that are lighter, where up gowns to go to the beach. ” For hot and humid climates recommended cotton or tulle.

And it emphasizes that most of its production is in natural fabrics. “There are very few synthetic, because they leave the skin breathe.” This does not mean take advantage of the latest technological developments, new finishes, prints and laminates, which stands at fairs that visit.

To balance the male and more structured accents, there are a number of pieces with ultra-feminine and romantic elements. “They tunics or short dresses, some with lace organdy, thin and delicate; and others with flowers in shades of pink, echoing the colors of nature in the spring.”

At this point, Amelia noted that there are certain advantages when a woman designed for women. “We understand the things that we complexed. So our dresses are loose, do not follow the body. Comfort and feel safe with what one wears is very important. So I do clothes that define the figure, without lining it. I call it body conscious. This does not mean that there is sensuality in the proposals. ”

Also believes that although Bogotá is a cosmopolitan capital where people know and appreciate fashion, lack we are more open, not so squared. “Some people are afraid of prints, or cuts that are out of the typical, what is being used. Of course it is easier to buy what is safe, but I think we should risk having something different in the closet and change a little bit. We only live once, so do not do today, I never do not.

Is a way to highlight the individuality and unique beauty of each, “he concludes, while finalizing the details of the next gateway through text messages on his cell phone.

The collection will be presented on March 8 in a parade sponsored by Seguros Bolivar Davivienda. It will also be available in Amelia, the new boutique of the designer, which has the spring-summer clothing, Resort and Cruise, while in Amelia Toro proposals autumn-winter will be found. “Colombia is a country with great diversity, where all year different collections can be used”.