An Essential Comparison of Different Baths – and the Facts You Need to Consider before Choosing


The type of bath a person has in his or her bathroom reflects the personality and character of that person – there are many different kinds of baths out there, and choosing the right one for your needs, requirements, and preferences can be difficult at times. Budget is, of course, the number one limiting factor, but there are other considerations to be made before making that important choice. Do you have enough space? Who will use it, and when will the bath be used? And beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. Here, then, is an essential comparison of different baths and the facts you need to consider before choosing.

The alcove bath

Alcove baths are the most popular, simply because they are the easiest to install, and usually the cheapest as well. They’re practical – and most bathrooms have the plumbing set up with an alcove bath in mind. The alcove bath is set against two walls, sometimes three, and is a great saver of space and money.

The corner bath

The corner bath is also a great space saver, but do not be fooled; just because it is placed in the corner does not mean it is hidden away – on the contrary, some corner baths can accommodate two people with ease. The great advantage of the corner bath is that it allows the user a great view of the bathroom, which gives a feeling of spaciousness.

The freestanding bath

The freestanding bath is probably one of the most luxurious baths there is, simply because of its nature – it stands in the middle of the bathroom, it stands as a centrepiece, and is therefore the eye-catcher of the room. It requires space but also creates spaciousness and an aura of rich, elegant relaxation.

There are basically two varieties of the freestanding bath – one is the claw foot, so named because it rests on four feet shaped traditionally in the shape of claws. The other variant is the drop-in tub, as it is also placed in the middle of the room but has its own rim.

The choice of bath for your bathroom is a very important one – not only should you consider it an investment for many relaxing evenings to come, but the style and model of your bath will set the tone for your bathroom, simply because it is the biggest amenity and all eyes are naturally drawn to it. Selecting the right bath for you really doesn’t need to be difficult – you just need to keep some simple rules in mind: budget, space, plumbing, family, and style. Don’t be afraid to go window shopping; view as many baths as you can before making that choice.


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