Vintage wedding style: 6 attainable ideas

Many couples start planning their wedding with a general sense of what they would like and get confronted with an almost infinite choice of themes and bridal styles.

vintage wedding
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If you have your heart set on a vintage-styled wedding, simplify the decision-making process by choosing an era then save the date and start accordingly. Getting specific about whether your wedding will reflect the glitz and glamour of the 1920s or the garden rusticity of the 1950s will focus where you look for inspiration and your choices.

Choosing your period

The elegant simplicity of Audrey Hepburn exemplifies the 1960s, whereas the 1970s was a disco extravaganza. Every period has unique features that, when used in moderation, can create your theme. It is all about the small accents and it helps to decide on the overall experience you want to create, whether romantic, luxurious or a party that no one will forget!

One creative and affordable way to emphasise the era you choose is to encourage your guests to dress accordingly. If you think they won’t comply, consider providing a vintage prop box with accessories such as scarves and feathers they can dip into to accent their outfit and create memorable photo moments. Charity shops and car boot sales are good resources for this and can also be a fun way to source other accessories, such as era-specific china/crockery. This can be used to create delicate floral centrepieces or bring your chosen era to the dining experience.

The vintage wedding blog Style and the Bride has some simple ideas for making your vintage wedding attainable. Adding accents, for example, can be as simple as choosing an aspect of your bridal gown and incorporating a similar beading pattern on table covers or having small floral table arrangements that mimic the bridal bouquet.

Creating your wedding day starts with the invitations. Letterpress printing and tea-stained paper, says, are among some of the ways to add nostalgic charm and reinforce your vintage wedding theme.

The venue

Choosing a venue that is already thematically decorated will frame the wedding experience and eliminate some of the considerations that can make wedding planning seem overwhelming. As an example, a ballroom already equipped with chandeliers and period-style tables and chairs will mean that you won’t have to do a great deal to complete the 1920s look except choose the party favours and table centrepieces.