12 Tips on Accessorizing: What Pearl Jewelry to Wear and How to Style It?

Usually, pearls are associated with mature, buttoned up, demure and powerful women: from Audrey Hepburn to Queen Elizabeth and from Grace de Monaco to Lady Diana, pearls evoke high class, sophistication, exquisite taste and splendor.

But pearls can be fun, fresh, new, amazing and innovative. One of their greatest features is that they add class and elegance to any type of outfit, no matter if it is formal, casual, chic or business. The re-emergence of pearls as a fashion and taste staple has been discussed a lot in the past years and investors (as well as designer) reached the same conclusion: pearls can be worn anywhere, on any occasion and with any type of outfit. Let’s see today 12 tips on wearing pearl jewelry!

The Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces evoke weddings, grandma’s birthday or VIPs. But if you pick the right type of necklace you can go around the world and look exquisite, not to mention you will emanate an air of confidence, self esteem, power, beauty and wisdom.

1. Match a choker pearl necklace with a strapless dress or a deep plunging neckline, spaghetti straps dress or an off the shoulder blouse.

pearl necklace

2. You can wear a rope pearl necklace to enhance an evening gown or a cocktail dress and show it off as your only piece of statement jewelry.


3. A princess pearl necklace can go great with a business suit or a casual outfit. Pearls are not solely formal accessories, but they are highly adaptable to any personal style.


4. Layered or multi-strand pearl necklaces are the way to go to add glamour and sophistication to an elegant outfit. You can layer multiple pearl necklaces in the same color and style them up with a brooch or diamond rondells.

princess pearl necklace

5. Stacked pearl necklaces with other beads strings, gemstone, metallic necklaces, chains, fabrics and so on is the perfect choice to look hip and glam for parties, casual dates or night outings with friends. Keep yourself educated on how to stack correctly multiple necklaces and become a statement of trendiness!


6. Dressed down pearl necklaces for glam and casual chic outfits make the perfect option when you go clubbing, to new venue opening, dancing with the girls or a glam hot date with a guy you like, even f you pair them with jeans and tank tops.

Stacked pearl necklaces

The Pearl Bracelet

Pearl bracelets for women are all the rage today and a staple of elegance and refined tastes. They can be worn together with other statement accessories (just don’t overdo things!) or they can be worn as accent pieces to highlight your refined personality and taste.

7. Wear a simple pearl bracelet with a casual outfit, a business outfit or a chic one. They go great with anything from cocktail dresses to romantic maxi summer dresses for dates, outings or summer parties.


8. A statement pearl bracelet is a must-have for all women. You can pick one styled up with oversize stones, clasps and brooches, in novelty color or materials combinations. Statement bracelets go with glam and high-end outfits and can be worn as singular accent pieces to truly compliment your fashion choice and beautiful wrist.

pearl bracelet

9. Layered pearl bracelets go great with casual or more formal attire and, depending on the pearls colors you pick, they go great with any chromatic choices. The beauty of pearl bracelets is that they can be worn with other stacked bangles, cuffs, watch, beads, leather and stone bracelets as well for a glamorous effect.

pearl bracelet

The Pearl Ring

10. A refined simple pearl ring is the ultimate staple of sophistication. Pearls are not just white, so go crazy with your black pearls ring or a ring that features pink, lavender, peach, blue or green pearls.

 Pearl Ring

11. The amazing cocktail pearl ring is a statement of your bold, powerful and self confident personality and a symbol of true sophistication. Costume pearl rings in intricate designs can be oversized and flashy, but they can also be worn as your only breath taking accessory. They go great with cocktail dresses, long evening gowns, glam club outfits, and casual chic attire for dates or outings with friends.

Pearl Ring

The Pearl Earrings

12. Be them drop earring, chandelier earrings, hoop or studs, pearl earrings are forever refined, gorgeous, delicate and elegant. They go great with any outfit and make the perfect accessory especially if you get them in a pearl set with bracelet and necklace. Learn how to choose the best earrings for your face shape and personal style and go crazy with pearl earrings no matter where you go!

Pearl earring

What are your favorite pieces of pearl jewelry and how do you style them up? When and where do you wear your pearls?