You Need to Accessorise to Get the Hottest Look

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No matter what you’re wearing you can make it look hot and stylish with just a few simple additions. There are girls out there that can look stunningly stylish in just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt (or even whilst at work…). These girls know how to accessorise. There is no secret to it. There’s no genetic predisposition to looking stylish – it is all in the accessories. In the following article, you will find a few simple tips to make any outfit shine through the darkness that is mundanity.

Long and Large

If you’re going out to a ‘do’, then remember ‘long and large’: long necklaces and large earrings. They make a statement and can look fab. The long necklace will make you look taller and thinner as it creates lines down your body. Accessories are as much about looking great as they are about serving a purpose (we will come on that again a bit later). Large earrings will draw attention to your face and will add some glamour to it. Be bold with your choices and people will notice. You’ll feel great with everyone looking at you and wondering if you’ve always looked this stylish.

Not Too Much

Long and large is a good maxim to live by, but you need to know when to go big and when to go home, so to speak. If you’ve got a big, loud outfit on, then don’t overdo it on the accessories. Loud outfit equals restrained accessory use. A simple outfit means you can be a bit louder and brash with your choices. If you’re wearing a voluminous dress, then maybe opt for a delicate clutch instead of a large handbag. If you’re wearing a sleeker, slimmer fitting dress then pop on the giant rings and bracelets. It’s all about knowing and understanding your proportions.

Personality Shines

The most important thing is to allow your personality to shine through. It’s all well and good going online and reading an article about what to wear, but at the end of the day you want to feel comfortable and wear what makes you, you. Personalised accessories are a brilliant way to allow yourself to shine through in your style. Wear a diamond ring that’s made from the hair or ashes of a family member, or buy a necklace that is adorned with your birthstone, or even that funny rock you found on the beach that one time that you turned into a necklace pendant.

Last Few Hints

Just to finish, here’s a last few hints.

  • Belts – Belts can be your best friend. Belts are having a resurgence in popularity lately and can be used to great effect to really make a contrast in your outfit. Wearing a simple coloured outfit? Why not throw on a colourful belt. They also help make it look like you have a waist (if you don’t), or accentuate (if you do) and so can give you a confidence boost.
  • Bracelet Bundles – One bracelet is elegant and stylish, but 3 or 4 can be equally as pleasing. Feel that you outfit needs more pizzazz and one bracelet hasn’t done the job? Layer those bad boys on.

Too Much Is Bad – Like I mentioned earlier, you have to learn when to stop. Throwing on too much in one go will overpower and ruin your outfit. Be intelligent about it and tread lightly. When in doubt, put the extra piece back in its box.