How to Dress Like a Modern Man

man dress

Most men want to have a professional appearance. A business man should avoid trendy attire. Neutral colours are perfect for casual and professional occasions. All men should have at least one classic mens suit. A sophisticated man will always look great in a tailored suit.

The Perfect Suit

Bright colours should not be worn in professional settings. A brown, black or gray suit is ideal for almost any setting. The suit should fit perfectly. When you wear a tailored suit, you will likely garner trust and respect. A black suit is extremely versatile. A tailored suit can be worn to the office or to a special occasion.

Blazers and Trousers

Classic men’s clothing items will never go out of style, and a few vintage styles are making a comeback. Tweed blazers can be worn with trousers or jeans. Every man should own at least one pair of cufflinks. Instead of nylon and polyester, men should wear cotton and linen. Cashmere and argon are suitable for the winter months. Natural fabrics are always breathable and stylish.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are an important accessory. Most messenger bags are available in stylish patterns, and a bag can be worn with formal or casual attire. A black leather bag is versatile, and it can be worn as a backpack.

Winter Accessories

During the winter months, scarves and gloves are important accessories. The accessories should always match the suit. All men should own at least one pair of black gloves and a black scarf.

Wallets and Watches

Wallets are also an important fashion accessory. Black and stainless steel wallets are always stylish. Avoid wearing too many accessories. For a professional appearance, men should wear a ring or a watch.

Formal Shoes and Loafers

A business professional should own at least one pair of lace-up shoes. The Balmoral lacing is perfect for formal occasions, and the Blucher is ideal for casual days. Loafers can be worn with trousers or shorts.

A professional wardrobe can be expensive, but classic attire will always be stylish. The suits, shirts and trousers should be hung on wooden hangers. Plastic hangers can break, and rusty metal hangers can damage quality fabrics. The jewellery and shoes should be polished at least once a month. Always follow the cleaning guidelines. Cashmere sweaters and linen suits will always have special handling instructions.