How To Find Success As A Drag Queen

drag queen

While it is not easy to become a successful drag queen, there are a few tried and true methods that you can follow that will certainly make things easier for your journey.

Walk It Like You Talk It

In the world of drag, confidence is key. If you don’t have it, you may as well hang up your heels. Gay culture embraces drag like nobody’s business so there is absolutely no reason to feel intimidated. When you carry an air of confidence about you, then you will feel like the belle of the ball. People will flock towards you and want to be seen with you.

Find Your Persona

The best persona you can have is one that comes from within and is turned up to 11. If your drag persona is the real you, just magnified, you will feel much more comfortable in your skin. The way you feel about yourself really shines through and if your persona is not authentic, people will take notice.

Mingle To You Tingle

Get out there and meet all the other drag queens that you can. Not only will you be able to learn from them and become a better drag queen but you can also meet their media connections. Many established drag queens have friends who are professional photographers, event coordinators, and movie and television producers. Networking is one of the most valuable assets you can take advantage of when blending into the drag community.

Social Media Is Your Friend

Open accounts on every social media platform that you can find, make your contact lists as large as possible, and cover the internet with your photos and videos. The more people see your image and watch your videos, the more you become a household name like Craig Revel Horwood.

You Are Your Own Brand

Just remember that being a successful drag queen requires the same commitment and attributes that any other successful business requires. Marketing, brand recognition and customer loyalty are all key factors in the business of drag. Following these simple tips can ensure that you will be well on your way to drag queen stardom.