Popular Hollywood Classic Styles

women_coat2Popularized in Hollywood classics, the trench coat has origins as far back as 1901 with British war officers. Today, this all-weather essential has become a timeless fashion staple. From belted and lapel styles to women’s double breasted trench coats in full and knee-length, there is something for everyone. The Modern Trench Coat Designed to be all-weatherproof and just as durable as its predecessors, the modern trench coat has become an essential part of the stylish woman’s outer wardrobe. Most coats still follow the military style pattern, but even those designs have been re-imagined and recast for many more parts. For instance one of the most popular styles – the double breasted trench coat – offers straight, clean lines to connect with a broader taste.

women_coatWomen, who want to look chic, yet also have an authoritative pop, choose this style. The look mixes and matches with all times of the day. A woman commands attention entering the board room and holds it during a night on the town. Wearing Your Double Breasted Trench Coat Not only is the double breasted a stylish outerwear piece that travels from summer to fall, but it is an effortless match for practically everything in your closet. If you want an unstudied vibe, just roll up your sleeves. Cinching your trench around your waist with a pair of jeans and sneakers gives you a no-fuss, yet pulled together look. If you love wearing lace, your sex appeal is tempered by teaming your top with trousers and trench. Match your trench coat with a pair of skinny jeans and pumps for another great look. An alluring skirt is balanced with a silky trench, platform loafers and turtleneck.

Need more? Go to the office with a button-down shirt resting underneath a cardigan with tailored trousers and pointy pumps. Styles are transient, but the double breasted trench coat remains a versatile part of everyone’s style for many years. Choosing your next coat may involve picking a color that enhances your natural glow. Perhaps you are concerned with finding one to match your body shape. Understanding how good material delivers better results in your selection is helpful in buying the one. Most come in poplin, leather or cotton. What makes the trench coat so great is people of all shapes and sizes should successfully find something that works. Whether you look online or in brick and mortar stores, there is a good chance that you will find what you want and need. The variation of styles is not intimidating. Rather, this is a true testament to the future of trench coats. Long, short or in between, double breasted trench coats travel well and are here to stay.