Make it remarkable by a custom engagement ring

What would you think to be the quickest way to get almost anyone to apply themselves to a task? The answer is, of course, to tell them they can’t do it!  And so it is with the craftsmen at Krikawa.  Intimate for even a second that the design envisioned for a custom engagement ring may be beyond their ability or just plain impossible and they will set their sights on the challenge.  How can one be sure of their dedication to goals such as these?  Simply take a tour of their website.  Take notice of the many awards that have been earned for both design work and for business practice and you will be convinced that this is the only place where your vision can be transformed into reality. History, as it has often been said, is the best predictor of the future!

Producing custom engagement rings from the careful unification of stones, metal and design is crucial to any project of this nature. However, this isn’t simply “a project”, this is your engagement ring.  Because the people at Krikawa care about their customers they go beyond just the design of the piece itself They are exceptionally sensitive to the fact that the ring must reflect the feeling in the relationship itself.  The daunting task of bringing together the vast number of choices from each physical element flavored by the imagination, creativity and vision of the couple is something that requires more than just skill. From start to finish every unique ring is produced to reflect the unique character of each relationship.

At Krikawa meeting tough challenges from a design perspective is an everyday event.  However, what may be commonplace practice with respect to design transforms the metal, precious stone and vision of each couple into a custom engagement ring that captures the essence of their relationship.