Top 6 Things Every Freshman College Student Needs to Start the Year

In a world where you can’t work in a fast food joint without being in school or having a high school diploma, the importance of a good education is becoming more and more apparent. Every college freshman goes into their first year starry-eyed and often more than a little bit overwhelmed. In this post, you will find a few things that every college student should have to start a new year, without fail. 

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A Little Money to Get Them By

While parents may encourage their college freshman to get part-time jobs to help them during their college years, they are going to need a little bit of money to help them get by until that job can be found. If you find yourself a little short on cash to give them when they leave, try a site like for that extra spending cash for your proud college freshman. 

A Laptop/Tablet 

Whether it’s a laptop or a tablet, every college student should start out the year with one or both. Desktops, even the all-in-ones might be great for the dorm room, but they are bulky and hard to carry around from one spot to another. A reliable laptop or tablet travels well to study in the local coffee shop with friends and notes can be taken on tablets as well. 

A Printer/Ink/Paper

While most colleges have computer labs where students can go to print off their papers, having a printer and the accessories to go with it is much better and more efficient. Computer labs don’t always stay open 24/7 and it could very well be on the other side of the campus. It’s better to have the printer right there in the dorm room where papers can be printed off with ease. 

A Comfortable Study Corner

Most dorm rooms come with a bed and a desk, and desks are perfect for studying but no one wants to be stuck in an office chair for hours on end. For required reading and studying, a comfortable study corner is just the ticket. Equip it with comfy chairs, a good lamp to read by, or even a bean bag or a futon, and your student will have a cozy nook in which to study or even read a good book when they have the time. 

A Coffee Maker

If your freshman’s dorm allows it, a coffee maker could be a nice addition to their dorm room. Many college students need coffee to make it through the long nights of studying or when they get up in the mornings. It’s better to have a coffee maker in their room than to have them running around campus at all times of night looking for a vending machine or an all-night coffee shop. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones

College dorms can be really loud places, especially on the weekends when there are no classes the next morning. A pair of noise-canceling headphones can make it easier for your student to cram when the dorm is loud and distracting. You might want to buy your student a fan for this reason also. The sound of the fan can help to mask noises in the dorm when your student is trying to sleep as well.  These are just a few of the things that you should send with your freshman college student when classes begin. Having them set up and ready to go from the first day will help them to succeed and live up to your expectations of them.