5 Tips to Speed Up Your Tattoo Removal Journey

If you have a tattoo that you’ve fallen out of love with and don’t want to get another to cover it, your best bet is to go down the laser tattoo removal route. While it may have felt like the fashionable thing to do at the time, many people are embarrassed by what they’ve had etched onto their skin, so if you’re serious about getting rid of your tattoo for good, here are a few tips on how to speed up your tattoo removal journey.

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Avoid Exposing Your Tattoo to the Sun

Being exposed to the sun increases the levels of melanin in your skin, which absorb the UV radiation from the sun. If you’ve recently undergone laser tattoo removal, it’s crucial that there isn’t a lot of melanin in the skin throughout your procedure. If there is, not only will it be harder for the laser to break up your ink pigment, but it will make your skin much more susceptible to burning.

Exercise Regularly

While there may not be an immediately apparent link between exercise and tattoo removal, regular exercise helps to improve your immune system by boosting the cells in the body that attack foreign bodies such as broken-down tattoo ink. Therefore, hitting the gym a couple of times a week or even going for a simple jog around your neighborhood can help when it comes to speeding up the healing process.

Sleep Well

We’ve all had a restless night from time to time. If you aren’t sleeping well, this can have a negative impact on your immune system, which makes us less able to fight against bacteria, meaning you’re more susceptible to getting an infection. After having laser tattoo removal, you will want the ink pigment to be broken down as quickly as possible, so getting a good night’s sleep can help keep your immune system functioning correctly.

Stay Hydrated

You may not realise it, but drinking plenty of water can be another great way to speed up the tattoo removal process. Keeping hydrated can increase your kidney function, which allows them to get rid of toxins like broken-down ink much quicker. What’s more, water helps to keep your skin looking fresh and clear. Just like with any other organ in your body, skin needs to have proper hydration to ensure it is functioning correctly. The better condition you keep your skin in, the quicker the healing process will be.

Find the Right Specialist

For your tattoo removal journey to run smoothly, it’s important that you find a tattoo removal studio that has your best interests at heart. You may want to consider visiting www.counterpunchlaser.com to find more information on tattoo removal services. Counter Punch Laser can also provide you with expert aftercare advice, which will help ensure you keep good care of the affected area to avoid any infections.

Keeping the exposed area out of the sun, exercising regularly, getting a good night’s sleep, and staying hydrated are just a few key tips that can speed up your tattoo removal journey. Make sure that you follow all the aftercare advice you are given, as this can also help speed up the healing process.