Using Jewellery to Accessorize an Outfit: Getting to Know the Basics

Our fondness for jewellery is as old as time itself. Even before men and women in thousands of years old Mandarin, Mayan or Egyptian cultures started wearing silver and gold jewellery, pre-human hominids wore jewellery made out of shells, polished stone and carved bone.

Today, we have everything that we can afford to buy available for purchase, but unless you know the basics of pairing your outfit with matching jewellery, you might be making mistakes that you are not even aware of!


The Concept of Statement Jewellery: You Only Need One Per Attire

Statement jewellery is a piece that is the highlight attraction for the night, and no one should wear more than one of these on the same night. Rely on your innate sense of aesthetics, consult a few friends or maybe even dive online for ideas, but make sure that, whether it’s a sparkling gold and emerald necklace or a pair of big, flashy diamond earrings, you are sticking with either one and not both.

It might seem like a difficult and even counterintuitive choice to some, but that is definitely one of the basic rules of accessorizing with expensive jewellery.

Accessorizing the Statement Jewellery

Just because you can’t wear your favourite earrings and necklace together, it doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize your centre-piece with a beautiful sapphire ring and some silver bands! In fact, one of the other rules of wearing fine jewellery is to not keep your hands and arms empty when you have already put on statement jewellery up top.

Stand Out with Class Not Indifference

The difference between the two is often mistaken to be non-existent, but it most certainly is there. Do not wear jewellery that highlights the fact that you want to stand out, but go with jewellery that stands out due to quality.

Check out the gold nugget earrings, bracelets and rings on as they are fine examples where craftsmanship, art and the differentiating factor all comes together in the right order.

Learn the Layering Techniques Before Applying Them

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with fashion knows that layering clothes is important for creating that perfect look, but layering with jewellery is not as easy. Keeping it simple is better than going over the top and making a mistake here, but if you want to try it out with small experiments first, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  • If you are wearing multiple bracelets, rings or necklaces, they need to all be of different lengths, sizes, colours or textures.
  • Avoid chunky jewellery altogether, and thin it out from top to bottom or vice-versa.

Sophistication is a complicated concept, and to some, it comes naturally.For others who struggle to put things together but want to learn how to do so, it isn’t that difficult to do so either! Hopefully, the few basic tips mentioned here will help you accessorise your next outfit with the right kind of jewellery that will help you shine as much as it does.