What is the Difference Between Diamonds and Diamantes?

The reason why we wanted to discuss the answer to this question is because retailers can sometimes sell diamantes and people mistake it for real diamonds. Let’s see what the difference is and how you can choose diamantes and diamonds properly.


First of all, a diamond is a precious gem found in the earth. It is processed by high levels of heart rising from the center of the earth. While it is made of pure carbon, it is impossible to replicate the actual process of the formation of any diamond. While lab grown diamonds may be similar to real diamonds, there is still a preconceived notion that it is not as authentic as a diamond heated by the earth.

Diamonds are used as both accents and central pieces in many jewelry pieces. Jewelers have to choose similar diamond pieces so that their jewelry won’t look inconsistent. The color and clarity have to match or at least be as near as possible to the diamonds it sits beside.


Diamantes are a type of design. They are also called rhinestones. They are used to accentuate diamonds or other large germs. One can request their diamantes to be made from real diamonds as well. When buying jewelry, ask the jeweler what diamantes are made of so there won’t be any confusion.

Most jewelers assume that you already know what you are choosing if you don’t tell them that it is your first time buying diamonds or diamantes designs.

Where are diamonds used?

Diamonds can be used on bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other types of jewelry. Most people prefer to use them as centerpieces for pieces like engagement rings, cocktail rings, and pendants. A growing trend these days are diamond necklaces, where the band is also covered in diamonds. Other ways diamonds are used are for tiaras, but not big ones. They are also commonly used in aesthetic designs to bring out the glimmer of the pieces as well.

Where are diamantes used?

Diamantes are used to cut the price of larger gems that are more expensive. They can be made of white sapphire, cubic zirconia, or other white-looking gems. Diamantes made of diamonds are not as expensive as well. However, if you buy a piece that is encrusted with diamante diamonds, then it can be pricier than one stone altogether.

Should you buy diamantes?

Of course. Just because they are not always diamonds, it doesn’t mean that they look less beautiful. The key to using diamantes is by using them as accents rather than centerpieces. You should also think carefully whether you want an encrusted piece of jewelry with diamantes. If you are looking for diamante diamonds, Vancouver diamonds are the best option. Now that you have an idea, how will you mix and match diamantes and real diamonds?