4 Shooting Range Tips For Beginners

Anyone who is thinking about purchasing a gun should spend some time at a local shooting range first. Different types of firearms will be available to rent and try out on the range, which will make it easier to make an informed decision when the time comes to make a purchase. During the time spent practicing, amateurs will learn how to properly handle a gun, figure out what they like and be able to increase their abilities and confidence.

1. Handle Firearms Appropriately

One of the most important things to remember is that all firearms should always be treated as though they are loaded. Do not point a gun at anyone, even if it is unloaded, and only place a finger on the trigger when ready to shoot at a target. Do not look down the barrel of a gun, and make sure that the gun is unloaded with no bullet in the chamber when not in use.

2. Use the Correct Equipment

While it is a good idea to try out a variety of firearms to find a comfortable fit, listen to recommendations by others as to which models are good for beginners. If the goal is to purchase a gun that can be carried for long periods while out of the house, then test models that are small and lightweight and will easily fit into DeSantis holsters for concealment and comfort.

3. Enlist Help

Going to a shooting range for the first time may feel overwhelming, so try to bring along a more experienced friend who can give pointers and keep an eye on the proceedings. Call the shooting range and ask about group classes or individual sessions. Taking a course to learn the fundamentals can be a great way for people to become more comfortable with firearms in a safe environment.

4. Stay Positive

Becoming a good shot does not happen overnight. As with any skill, practice is essential when it comes to learning to consistently hit a target. Do not give up if there is no improvement after only a few sessions. Do not spend too much time shooting hundreds of rounds at a time, as it is better to spread out practice sessions into small, frequent chunks. This can help prevent boredom and burnout.

Some beginners may feel intimidated at the thought of going to a shooting range, but a good facility will be staffed with helpful, knowledgeable employees who will make the process easy. Call around to different locations to find a place that is welcoming to beginners and will provide a safe place to learn.