Unique Gift Ideas for Kids

If you have kids, and those kids have friends, you probably have struggled with gift ideas for more than a few birthday parties. The same local stores have the same types of gifts and those gifts have already been played with countless times. So, parents settle for safe choices like crafts, board games and pajamas. But, if you want to make a splash at the next birthday party, or just want to see a big smile on your child’s face, then here are some unique and inexpensive options. 

Get Personal

Personalized gifts have always been popular for weddings and babies, but they can be fun for kids of all ages. Personalized books are a cute idea that has been on many gift-giving lists recently. They are also nice keepsakes. If you want to give a really great gift, then look to the child’s interests. If they love to cook, then how about an apron with their name on it? If they like to help dad fish, then get them a tackle box with their name on it. There are many personalized options for every type of kid, even kids western belts

You don’t need to stick to just their name. Adding a picture also personalizes a gift. If you have a funny picture of your child, or them with their friends, you can print it on a pillow for their room. These pillows are also a favorite gift for grandparents. 

Try a Subscription Box

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Children love getting mail, so consider how much they would look forward to receiving a package each month. You could order the first one to wrap for a party and include a card explaining how the subscription works. Most subscription boxes can be purchased for a variety of time frames, making the cost fit your budget. This could also be a group present. There are subscription boxes for kids who love to cook, build science projects and even travel the world. 

Go Big

A 12-inch unicorn is cute, but a three-foot one is magical! Kids love getting large presents in large boxes. An item that may seem boring in normal size is much more exciting when it is extra large. Inflatable furniture is inexpensive and makes a big impact in a kid’s room. There are also many games that are now available in oversized versions, like Jenga Giant, Connect 4 for the yard and three foot high Kerplunk.