4 DIY Home Décor Tips For A Budget-Friendly Renovation

Decorating your house from end to end is highly expensive, particularly when you consider the expense of furniture, minor renovations, decorative accents, and paint. However, you can hide the flaws and play up the strengths with the right home decor tips. From changing the curtains to installing a mirror in your room, there are several ways you can jazz up your home.

Want to give a new budget-friendly life to your home? Read on!

4 Killer Home Décor Tips That Will Make Your House Look More Elegant

Here’s the only list of home décor tips you’ll ever need to refurbish your home.

A Vibrant Front Door Sets The Tone

Front doors are the first things that can make or break your home’s impression! Do you want to make an excellent first impression on your guests? If so, then paint the door a glossy, fun hue.

Paint it red as it’s the lucky shade in several cultures. For example, in the US, a red front door indicated that travelers were welcome. Moreover, it was also used by the churches to depict that they are a safe haven.

This is because both these hues represent warmth and joy. However, one thing should be shunned altogether: an old screen door! Remove it immediately or change it with a high-end storm door with a full-length glass that you can swap for the screened panel.

Paint Wall In Natural Hues

Stick to hues such as gray or beige, particularly on your first floor. That’s because the flow is crucial here, and you want to reduce jarring transitions from one room to another.

Neutral walls offer flexibility, enabling you to effortlessly switch up accessories and décor without the need for painting the entire room all over again. And if you live in a small 2-bed apartment, coloring them with neutral paint helps them look and feel larger.

If you feel particularly adventurous when choosing a color for your walls, look at the paint strips closely and move up/down a shade for subtle variations from one room to another.

Layer Your Lighting

Proper lighting is the key to making your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. In terms of lighting, all rooms must have these three basic types of lighting, i.e., ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting provides general illumination and frequently stems from ceilings. The task lighting, on the other hand, is often placed in the kitchen or reading nook. As the name suggests, this lighting helps you achieve tasks. Finally, the accent light is the most decorative amongst the three and is great for highlighting artwork or plants.

You can also use uplights to cast a glimmer on your ceiling, making the room look bigger.

Hang At Least One Mirror

A mirror can make the space feel promising and bright as they bounce back the light across the room. However, placing them in the wrong spot can make it worse.

Always place your mirrors vertical to windows; avoid placing them directly. This is important because if you put the mirror straight to the window, it will bounce the light back.

In Conclusion

Here are a few bonus tips you can use to elevate your home décor: make sure the sofa goes well with the chairs, scale art to the wall, anchor rugs below furniture feet, choose blackout curtains for a cozy room ambiance, etc.

The simple fact is that setting up a swoon-worthy space doesn’t have to break the bank or your back. Try the simple fixes given here and tell us if they made any difference to the beauty of your home.