Essential Pieces of Equestrian Riding Attire

When you’re out riding a horse, not just any type of clothing is going to cut it. Equestrian clothing is specifically made for both comfort and safety. Depending on where you shop, you might be able to find something stylish as well. Below are just some of the more important pieces of attire that equestrians should get some specialty shops, rather than wearing pedestrian clothing while horseback riding.

Riding Helmets

No riding outfit is complete without¬†equestrian riding helmets. After all, there’s no point in worrying about being fashionable if you aren’t safe first. Expert equestrians will know that there is no better protective gear than a good helmet. However, beginners might not know why this helmet is better than a bike helmet, for example.

There are a few features that make an equestrian helmet superior for horseriding. Compared to bike helmets, equestrian helmets cover more of the head, especially near the back of the head; this is because it is more likely that a rider will fall backward off a horse rather than backward off a bike. Equestrian helmets also have to meet certain safety standards and need to be tested specifically for horseback riding, whereas bike helmets are not.


A regular pair of jeans might work for a short casual ride, but they may start to feel uncomfortable after a while. If you plan on riding for a while, you will want to get some equestrian breeches. These pants usually have a softer and more elastic fabric on the insides of the legs. Some pants only have this material near the calves, while others have it running nearly the whole length of the pants. Wearing these types of pants can make your ride much more comfortable.


While you could buy generic cowboy boots at just about any store, you want to make sure that you are buying a pair of boots that are durable– not just fashionable. For this reason, you will likely need to lean more toward work boots than fashion boots. The sole and the heel of the boot are going to be the most important parts to inspect before making a purchase. When in doubt, check online reviews before you buy so you are sure you are getting a sturdy pair of boots.

If you want to make your next ride a little more comfortable and stylish, make sure to try out some of these fashionable and practical options.