3 Tips For Starting A Wedding Planning Business

If you love wedding fashion and helping others think about and plan their own weddings, you might want to consider starting your own career as a wedding planner. However, breaking into this business can be tough. So to help you begin this next phase of your life with the greatest chance for success, here are three tips for starting a wedding planning business. 

Know What Services You Will Offer 

The first thing that you’ll need to figure out when wanting to start your own wedding planning business is what exactly you mean in your role as a wedding planner.

In general, people usually offer services that plan an entire wedding from start to finish, take over the planning and scheduling just before the wedding is set to happen, or keep everything organized on the actual day of the event. While you can offer all three of these types of services, knowing exactly what each type of service will entail for you and how much you’ll charge for these things is something you’ll need to think long and hard about before you start taking on any clients, as these are the questions they will be asking when trying to book you. 

Start Building Your Professional Relationships 

Having a successful wedding planning business has a lot to do with the relationships that you’re able to build. One of the reasons why someone is going to hire you will be because you can gain access to deals and partnerships that they might not have been able to secure on their own. Knowing this, you have to work to bring this value to your clients through your own relationships.

To do this, think about the type of vendors you and your future clients might like to work with. Then, start making some connections. Meet caterers, florists, construction and hacking experts, photographers, videographers, makeup artists and more. Not only will your connection with these people be helping your business, but it will be helping their businesses as well. 

Begin Marketing Yourself 

As soon as you feel like you’re able to start taking on clients and providing value to those who are planning their own weddings, you’ll want to start marketing yourself to these people.

If you live in an area that has wedding events or trade shows, set up a booth there to begin getting your name out and meeting new people. You should also work on building your social media pages, and everyone will be checking you out online before making their decision.

If you’re wanting to start a wedding planning business as your future career, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get off on the right foot with this new venture.