3 Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Closets

When you love fashion and invest quite a bit of money into the clothes and accessories that make up your wardrobe, you’ll want to be careful that nothing in that storage space will harm your belongings, including any pests that might be common in your area.

To help ensure that your clothes and accessories are safe and sound, here are three tips for keeping pests out of your closets. 

Make Sure Your Closets Are Sealed Tight 

The first and best way to make sure that no pests have a chance of getting into your closet and ruining your clothes is to make it almost impossible for pests to get there in the first place. This can be done by ensuring that that closet in which you store your clothes and accessories is sealed up tight from any outside environment.

Many homes weren’t built with a lot of detail and attention given to the sealing of the closet. But if you want to give yourself the best chance of not having bugs make their home in this space, you won’t want to give them any kind of opening to make this happen. If you notice that there are cracks or holes in your closet upon further inspection, be sure you fill those cracks and holes so that no pests can fit through them. And for even more protection, have the exterior of your space sprayed for bugs and other pests to keep them at bay. 

Choose The Right Storage Options 

How and what you store your clothes in when in your closet can also have an impact on how likely it will be for pests to get into your belongings.

Certain pests that frequently are seen in closets will be there because they have easy access to their favorite food sources. For example, silverfish love to eat the proteins found in paper and cardboard. So if you’re storing clothes in your closet for the long-term, don’t put them in a cardboard box. Rather, try to store your clothes and other belongings in nylon netting, since silverfish won’t be interested in this material. 

Use Natural Deterrents 

If you want to take additional measures to discourage bugs and other pests from coming into your closet and making your clothes their nests, you can try some natural deterrents that are known to be annoying to specific pests.

Things like cedar, lavender, and Vetiver are all known to have scents that moths can’t stand. When they smell these scents, they won’t want to be anywhere near wherever that scent is coming from, which can help to keep your clothes safe.

If you’re worried about pests coming into your closet and ruining your clothes and accessories, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to keep this space safe.