What to Wear During Your Workout Routine

What you wear during your workouts at the gym matters. Not because you need to look good, but because you need to be comfortable and have clothes that don’t restrict your movement, while also allowing your body to breathe while you’re sweating.

Some clothes are better suited for the gym than others, and while you can certainly just work out in basketball shorts or boxing shorts and a t-shirt (or not), there are benefits to having more form-fitting clothes.

However, it all depends on your personal preferences.

What are the best clothes to wear to the gym?

First things first – don’t wear clothes that will make you feel self-conscious. Body image is a big issue for a lot of people; don’t force yourself to wear anything you aren’t comfortable wearing. Always put your comfort first because you won’t get a good workout if you feel self-conscious.

For instance, it’s common for some women to be overly concerned about their appearance, even to the point of not wanting to lift weights for fear of getting bulky. Thankfully, you won’t get bulky just by lifting weights, but being self-conscious about what you wear is a valid concern.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing form-fitting clothes, wear something loose. However, make sure your clothes aren’t so loose that they get caught in the machines or restrict your ability to control the weights you’re lifting.

You can combine style with comfort

While not everyone goes to the gym to impress other people, it’s human nature to want to look good even when sweating up a storm. If you want to look good and be comfortable working out, consider some of the clothes mentioned in this Vogue article. For example, there are clothes made for yoga that can also double as your gym attire. These clothes are soft, non-constrictive, and extremely comfortable.

If you feel the need to look trendy, you can always opt for the retro style attire, like pants with stripes down the side or even a crew neck sweater with the sleeves cut off. These are easy enough to find online or you may even find some truly vintage items at the thrift store.

As for shoes, you should always choose footwear that supports your workouts rather than what looks good, but there are ways to hit both requirements.

Leave your accessories at home

If you never leave home without accessories like a hat, a big bag, bracelets, necklaces, rings, or a watch, make sure you leave these items at home. These types of accessories don’t belong at the gym and can actually be a hazard. People routinely get jewelry stuck on equipment and end up with crushed, broken, or severed fingers and it’s not worth the risk.

Sometimes it’s okay to wear a watch, but if it’s a style that can get caught on equipment or something that you don’t want scratched, it’s better to just use your phone to track the time.

Never, ever wear rings while you work out – not even your wedding ring. Your sweetheart will understand that you have to take your ring off while you exercise.

Comfort first – fashion second

If wearing clothes that flatter your physical body makes you feel better, by all means, wear those clothes. However, when considering what to wear to the gym, it’s okay to sacrifice fashion for comfort. You’re going to be working out for a long period of time, moving, sweating, and truth be told, most people won’t even notice what you’re wearing.

Consider the gym a space where you go to perform a task and go home. You don’t need to impress anyone and you certainly don’t need to worry about being fashionable.

It’s understandable if these are concerns for you, but you’ll get a better workout and stay more focused when you go in with a mission to crush your workout and then go home, shower, relax, and recover.