Go shopping! how-to to buy clothes as a good investment


If you are the type who goes shopping and end up bringing you not just what you need, think twice, because that’s the easiest way to spend money without clothes give you enough service.

I am not in favor of making a list or keep a budget when I’m given. If shopping was so predictable, it would not be as fun. Part of the ride is about to be surprised by the offer, to compare options and prices, to finish bringing the best.

But what should you buy when there are so many stores and you end super confused? Very easy: select four basic garments for every trendyQue, what is that?

The basic ones are those classic items that do not easily go out of style: white shirt, straight jeans, pencil skirt, flap bag , black dress, etc.. In general, all these will last long in force in your closet , so you should look to have very good quality and it deserves to spend more money on them.

The perfect city to do a big shopping


At the other extreme are the fashion garments that are totally trend. might be, for example, the boyfriend jeans ( baggy jeans ), skirts with feathers or metal tops. These pieces serve to inject fashion to your wardrobe , but they will not be as durable or as versatile, so it is recommended that you search spend little money on them. So when the fashion ends, you can get rid of these items without any guilt.


When designing your outfit, you’ll need to look three-quarters are basic items and give the focal point through the distinctive garment. Thus, four items, only one is economical and trendy , the rest will be used to support the fashion piece and give the effect that your outfits expensive.