Top 5 Designer Wedding Fashion Trends for 2015

wedding dress

Shopping for wedding fashion dresses can be a nightmare. This is because there are many styles and trends to choose from and this can be quite overwhelming. Generally, the wedding fashion industry has something for every budget and taste. Wedding styles get more sophisticated and prettier over time.

Even then, shopping for them should not be a difficult experience. This is especially true when you understand the wedding theme as well as the seasons. In fact, so stunning are the dresses that you can easily upstage the bride with not only the dresses together with kooky accessories and natty cover-ups.

Whether you are looking for designer wedding fashion or you simply want a simple wedding look, there are numerous designer wholesale clothing stores that will have you covered. In fact, you can be sure to find just about anything from high street bargains to designer dresses that are a perfect fit for your body while fitting into your budget and style needs

From a classic midi to a calf-skimming design and full pleated figure flattering design, you can be sure to achieve a fabulous look to the wedding that will leave all heads turning. If you wish to experiment with a striking wedding fashion dress you can settle for an asymmetric piece. A single strap or a dipped hemline often adds a focal point to your collection as long as you keep the finishing touches simple.

The good news is that designers are always thinking up and creating new outfits. Therefore, you can be sure of diversity of style with pieces that are even trendier and smarter. Here are some top tips to consider when choosing wedding fashion:

  • Break from your usual pattern and look – Weddings are special hence you will do well to break away from your predictable fashion look by trying out something new like a designer dress coupled with the right accessories. This will sure make you stand out.
  • Think prints – You can never go wrong with floral print dresses. This is because they are not only pleasant to the eye but also bring our your femininity thereby drawing all attention to you. Along with floral prints you can also go for mix and match of off beat designs and patterns.
  • Blouses – Blouses that have varied necklines and sleeve lengths are also a good pick. This is because they can be worn with different kinds of skirts to bring our a chic and elegant look.
  • Get the right fit – It is important that you go for a dress that is designed for your body type and fits well. This is because not all styles will are meant for all body types.
  • Accessorize well – When picking your wedding dress, think about your accessories and shoes. A good dress can easily be ruined by the wrong accessories and shoes.

In summary, wedding fashion is versatile and requires that you make your pick carefully in order to bring out the chic and elegance that comes with the day. Ultimately, you are guaranteed of getting something the suits your style and budget.


Martha Brown has is a designer wedding fashion blogger. She specializes in designer wholesale clothing for women of all sizes.