6 Tips for Picking the Right Matching Accessories for your Bridal Party

bridal party

Matching accessories is important for your bridal party to wear on the day of your wedding. The accessories selection process may not be easy as every woman has a style preference that may not mesh with the other ladies’ styles. Use the process here to help you weed out the styles that won’t work for the entire bridal party.

Shop Together

It is important to schedule a time that everyone in the bridal party can shop together. If one person is left out of the decision making process, it could cause a bridezilla moment later. Controversy during the wedding planning stages just because the bridal party cannot all get together at the same time is stress that no one needs to have before a joyous occasion.

Each Member Picks an Item

Let each member of the bridal party pick a main item to work off of. This helps you see each person’s style preferences and if the styles are close enough to make something work as a whole set. Some members may pick a style based upon a venue or scene, like some of the venues displayed at www.ukweddingsavings.co.uk/, to match a general theme.

Discuss Each Offering

Allow each member of the bridal party a few minutes to talk about why they chose a specific accessory. The other members will evaluate what was said, view the piece and keep their opinions quietly in their own minds. To keep the peace in the group, restrict comments to one reason why each member likes or dislikes a piece. This helps prevent arguments and tension in the group.

Pick Three to Vote on

Pick the three pieces that were liked the most. While some members of the bridal party may feel left out, their designs may be similar to those that were chosen. Voting on all of the pieces may leave several in a tie situation where no decision is made. Of course, it is still okay for the bridal party to wear whatever accessories they wish, but having them in matching attire and accessories is ideal.

Conduct a Ballot Vote

Give each member of the bridal party a piece of paper. Number the three chosen accessories to be voted on. Have each member place the number of the item they prefer on their piece of paper. Count the votes and declare the winning item.

Build a Matching Accessories Set

Based upon the votes, work with a fashion expert to create a cohesive accessories set. All members of your bridal party should be wearing the same earrings, bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories. It may be ideal to restrict rings to wedding/engagement rings only just to maintain your overall theme.

While it may seem like you are delegating a group of children, using this process will make part of your wedding planning a little easier. Make sure there are no arguments or cat-fights as that does not help the situation at all. Keep control over your group and take a break if a discussion ends up becoming heated to prevent chaos.