How To Step Up Your Selfie Game

All Things Benefit From Practice

Selfies are a relatively new aspect of photography. Though smartphones came around over a decade ago, it’s only in the present day that, basically, everyone has a smartphone. We’re at the point where old occupations are being outmoded. You can set up a smartphone in front of you, initiate a timer, stand in front of a backdrop and get your own “headshots”.

Headshots used to be $300+ per session. People still go into alleys with photographers to capture them, but you can just as well use photos taken by others that are relatively proximal. The point is, smartphones have the ability of expensive cameras, and they’re always with you. So getting “selfies” is something that can be done qualitatively.

Following are a few tips you might want to consider as you go about stepping up your “selfie game”. Some of these tips you may know, some you may not, and there are certainly other best practices to consider. Generally, these are a few things you might want to consider for better pictures if you’re a bit new to selfies.

  1. Try To Look Your Best, But Also Be “Raw”

    A lot of people try to only do selfies when they’ve got all their makeup on, they’re feeling “cute”, they’ve got their favorite clothes on, the lighting is right, and all those factors. Certainly, these tactics can produce excellent pictures. But you know what? The “raw” beauty you have as a woman is something that can be easily communicated via photograph.

In fact, there’s something of a trend in “raw” selfies. “Messy hair, don’t care” is one aspect of this. There are plenty of “no makeup” selfies as well. The more of these you take, the more natural self-esteem you’ll have. Certainly, makeup can turn an average face into one that’s irresistibly gorgeous; but one can grow to rely on makeup more than one should.

  1. Get Tips From The Pros, Use Online Photo Editing Apps

    You can download photo editing apps for free on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. These can increase light, decrease it, add varying filters, and even provide simple editing solutions. Such free options tend not to be quite so efficient as what you can do with a “Photoshop” software, or a similar knockoff, but you may be surprised what is possible.

Beyond such software, it’s worth exploring sites that focus on photography when it comes to selfies. Here are some “how to take selfie” tips you might want to look into. The angle of your photography, how many pictures you take, and other factors can all contribute to the final outcome of your pictures.

  1. Angles, Lighting, And Silhouettes

    If you’re looking to shave off a few pounds, a “high” angle helps—but be careful not to use this too much, people are catching on. Regardless, you will want lighting from “above” whatever angles you use. Lighting from below tends to have a “horror” connotation which is hard to shake from the mind.

Also, silhouette photos are great if you can capture them; though these aren’t always the best ways of capturing selfies, owing to associated lighting. Still, just because you’re not taking the selfie, doesn’t mean it’s not of “you”. It’s a bit of a stretch, but silhouettes of you against the backdrop of a sunset, and the figure the light cuts around you, are certainly worth getting.

Selfies You Can Be Proud Of

Angles, lighting, silhouettes, professional tips, photo editing apps, and exploring the “raw” angle represent some fine tactics for capturing memorable selfies. Play around, and assure the smartphone you’re using has enough space. Lastly, take as many pictures as you can when you get the chance. Often your favorite selfies are those taken at an unexpected angle.