Assisted Living Accommodation Types

Assisted living offers independent yet supported living that is ideal for seniors who want to continue doing as much as possible for themselves but need some support with their health or everyday tasks. An assisted living community provides housing and services for seniors who need daily support with personal care services, help on hand for medical issues, support with healthcare and medication management, and more. These communities tend to also offer a wide range of different activities to allow seniors to enjoy their retirement and boost their social life.

When choosing an assisted living facility for yourself or a relative, the type of accommodation available is a main factor to think about. There are different accommodation types available depending on the facility. Some of the most popular include:

Private Apartments

Many assisted living communities such as assisted living Creve Coeur MO provide seniors with their own private apartment to live in. Residents have their own personal units, which may include a living room, bathroom, bedroom, and in some cases a small kitchenette or cooking area. They may come furnished or unfurnished and cater mainly to seniors who want to have their own home and live independently but may require some assistance.


If you or a senior relative are looking for accommodation that is a little but more luxurious and high-end, then some communities now offer condos, which allow for a little more privacy when it comes to receiving care. Condos may be larger than basic apartments and come with more luxurious furnishings in comparison with apartments.

Private Rooms

Some assisted living facilities will offer private rooms rather than entire apartments. In these facilities, seniors may be provided with a private room with or without a private bathroom. This option is ideal for seniors who may not need an entire apartment or condo to themselves, but still want their own privacy. Other living spaces, such as living room, dining room or kitchen, will usually be shared with other residents at the facility.

Shared Rooms

Some senior living facilities offer shared rooms, which is often the cheapest accommodation option available. This might be popular with married couples or close friends who are moving into an assisted living community together. While there is less privacy compared to an entire apartment or even a private room, a shared room does have some benefits including more of a social aspect to the accommodation which can help to combat feelings of loneliness and boredom.

Memory Care Rooms

Finally, some assisted living accommodation types are designed specifically to provide care to seniors who are suffering from dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. These rooms are often designed with safety and security in mind while still providing residents with as much privacy, comfort and independence as possible. They may be smaller to suit the needs of a resident with dementia, and missing items that the resident may be at a higher risk of harming themselves with.

Whether you are interested in assisted living for yourself or are helping a senior relative make the move, these are some of the most popular accommodation options on offer.