The Advantages of Inside the Waistband Or IWB Holster

Inside the waistband, IWB holsters offer several benefits, including comfort, concealment, stability, and convenience. However, IWB holsters are not suitable for everyone. For example, left-handed people may find them uncomfortable, and left-handed shooters may find them hard to reach.


The comfort of an Inside Waistband or IWI holster depends on several factors. These factors include how well the holster fits your body, your normal day-to-day activities, and your type of clothing. For example, if you wear skinny pants, you may have trouble fitting the holster in your waist.

When choosing a holster, choosing one that fits comfortably in any position is important. It should not impede your movement, and it should be lightweight. Moreover, it should not pinch or rub your body while wearing it.

There are many styles of IWB holsters available. You can try several styles to see which fits you best. Some are easier to wear than others, so it is important to try out a few of them before you choose one.


The Inside the Waistband or IWB design is the most preferred choice when concealing a firearm. They are more comfortable than their counterparts and help the shooter draw the weapon quickly. These holsters also offer more concealment options, as they can be concealed under clothing.

IWB holsters can provide deep concealment as they hug the body’s contours. Many types do not require a belt or a shirt, so that they can be worn with regular clothing. Some are even clipped onto the top hem of pants.

IWB holsters are made of leather. They conform to the shape of the body better than synthetics. Leather holsters can bind the gun if the draw is not straight. In addition, leather holsters do not require retention straps.


An Inside Waistband or IWB-style holster can make a difference in your ability to carry your gun. When purchasing one, it is important to select the best quality available. A good holster will last for years and will not wear out, so it is worth investing in a good one.

An IWB holster offers excellent stability. In addition, most IWB holsters come with belt loops on both sides, which makes reholstering easier. An IWB clip holster is especially convenient and easy to use.

Another major benefit of an IWB-style holster is the added security. It provides extra protection for the trigger guard and finish of the gun. Additionally, IWB holsters are more concealable, which means they can be worn under a shirt without being detected.


An Inside Waistband or IWB gun holster is one of the most convenient ways to carry a handgun. These holsters are worn inside the waistband and are held in place by spring metal clips. They work best when worn over a thick trouser belt. Some modern models are tuckable, allowing the wearer to tuck their shirt over the handgun grip. While they are not ideal for every situation, they are the most common type of holster and offer great convenience.

Another great benefit of an IWB holster is that it provides maximum stability while carrying a gun. In addition, because it has three contact points with the body, it doesn’t move around as much as an OWB holster would. Finally, an IWB holster is also designed to accommodate various carry positions.


Purchasing a good Inside the Waistband or IWB (inside the waistband) holster is important for carrying your handgun comfortably. Although it may seem costly, a good holster is worth the investment. These holsters are generally made of quality materials and will last for years.

IWB holsters come in a wide variety of designs and costs. They can cost anywhere from $10 to $150, but most are in the $80 range. You need to consider a few things to purchase a quality holster.

A good IWB holster should have a strong and flexible shell. The majority of IWB holsters have a Kydex shell. Kydex holsters are made with heat-moldable plastic. Unlike traditional leather, Kydex holsters are designed for tight passive retention. Some are even designed with wing to hide the shape of the gun.