From taking care of pollen to slow the aging process: Beards are good for you

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the beard was de rigueur in the BAFTA.

From Ben Affleck and George Clooney Hugh Jackman, Sam Mendes and Joaquin Phoenix, it seemed that every male celebrity has joined beard brigade. Many women do not want to deal with a partner rough face. But think twice before telling her man to reach a knife, because beards and mustaches can be beneficial to the health of men.


This is still, frankly, an emerging field of thought – but in this case, with the average tongue in cheek beard, revealing the positive side of the health of facial hair men …

Protects against the sun

A blurred face provides significant protection against sun damage and skin cancer, according to a recent study by the University of Southern Queensland published in Radiation Protection Dosimetry magazine.

The researchers found that parts of the face covered by his beard and mustaches on average had a third less exposure to harmful UV rays compared to hair-free zones. The study was conducted in the sun Outback with mannequins and beards stick (1.5 inches long and 3.5), with a shaven mannequin used as comparison. The researchers used dosimetric techniques, measuring the amount of absorbed radiation rays or at a given time. Their results showed the beard seemed to offer 90-95 percent protection against the sun, depending on hair length. Hair usually offers good protection against the sun, says Dr Nick Lowe, a leading dermatologist based in London. That’s why women have much less damage to the sun if the hair covering the back of her neck and sides of the face.

“It’s also a matter of thick hair, says” It’s like a SPF factor -. The greater hair density and thickness, the higher the SPF.

“I often see the classic example of this when working in Southern California.

Also depends on the length of the beard has grown.

Sun damage can also occur when reflected on surfaces below the face – like pale sand or water – hair growth so the faces of men will add to the protection of the chin and neck.

However, Dr. Lowe advises men with facial hair use a sunscreen or fine mist that is not too greasy on the hair, because many of the barbs are not very dense.

You can prevent asthma attacks

Men whose asthma is triggered by pollen and dust might find facial hair – or more specifically, a big mustache – helps reduce asthma symptoms.

Moustaches reaching the nasal area may stop allergens up his nose and inhaled into the lungs, says Carol Walker, hair medicine expert and owner of Birmingham Trichology Centre.

Dr Rob Hicks, a general practitioner based in London, believes it’s only pollen – that is sticky – that could be caught in this way, avoiding entering the airways.

“The dust particles are microscopic says.

Even if whiskers were trap dust, then a disadvantage, according to Dr. Hicks is that you can build and only needs a wipe or touch before it enters the nose.

“In theory, a mustache could stop things that trigger asthma enter the airways, but would have to be a big,” says Dr. Felix Chua, consultant pulmonologist at the London Clinic, Harley Street.

Slows Aging

Over time, facial hair can help maintain youthful skin and in good condition.

The water leaving hair skin stops – stays hydrated – protecting against wind, which dries the skin and disrupts the protective barrier of the skin, says Dr. Lowe.

“Also, if you put a moisturizer then it is subject to the beard or much better than on exposed skin or shaving, which can be more easily passed mustache.

The mere presence of hair follicles on the face also helps, as does the sebaceous glands in the skin lining the hair protective oils.

Anywhere hair follicles and sebaceous glands are present – including the chin, lower face and sides of the – it makes the skin thicker (and men have more hair follicles on the subject than women).

“Thick Skin is more resistant to damage, but the man did not have a beard, compared with women whose skin tends to be thinner and have less hair follicles,” says Dr. Lowe.

Helps fight TOS

Thick beards have grown up under the chin and neck temperature will rise and can help fight colds, says Carol Walker.

“Hair is an insulator that retains heat. Long, full beard that trap cold air and raise the temperature of the neck will be an added advantage when you’re under the weather,” says Carol.

“When you have a sore throat, body accumulates temperature to kill the virus.

“It has to run its course, but the warmer to keep himself and drinking more fluids equip you to fight it better.

‘Hair around the chin and neck adds another layer of protection.’

Facial hair can act as a physical barrier to cold temperature, says Dr. Chua.

‘A higher body temperature may help cough, although it is necessary to analyze the underlying causes of treating it, too.

“I’ve had patients who have said that if wrapped with something like a tissue when coughing gets a little better. It is possible that a beard could also do this. ‘

Prevents skin rash nasty

No shaving means no more nasty rash. Shaving is usually the main cause of bacterial infections in the beard area, says Dr. Martin Wade, consultant dermatologist Skin Clinic London and hair.

“It can lead to shaving rash, ingrown hairs and conditions such as Folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles that causes spots), so that men would benefit from growing a beard,” he says.

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