What to wear in spring?


What to wear in mid-season? Great, spring has finally begun, but with changes in temperature – cold in the morning, softer in the afternoon, the wind blows surprise, not to mention the stifling subway – we do not always know what to wear. Tips and ideas of looks.

Mode midseason: how to dress?
Superposition : we adopt the technique of “onion skins”, it accumulates layers of thin clothing to effect its removal or hand as and when the weather warms up or cools in the Day.

The jackets : exit the heavy winter coats, jackets up to mid-season types trench , parka, chic blazer, suede jacket, leather jacket, jacket, collarless jacket small …


Jackets mid-season: 1. Trench Cyrillus beige with buttoned tabs at the shoulders and cuffs (La Redoute, 169 €). 2. basic black suit jacket with patch pocket ( Sinequanone, € 99.90).

Jackets mid-season: 1. Leather Bomber Jacket color mint green with two flap pockets and wide ribbed collar to rise if cold snap ( New Look , € 44.99). 2. short collarless jacket beige ruffles and powdered with zipper ( Morgan , 69 €).

Good high : the high buttoned that can be worn open or closed over a top when the temperature soars (example: end the vest worn over a top or shirt worn over a t-shirt) , but also the small high-type tank top / camisole worn under a blouse, shirt or dress that can be removed later if we got too hot.


The right accessories : the scarf and colored light to protect his neck in the morning or in the event of gale, sunglasses chopping the first ray or to land on the terrace, and finally a large handbag to cram all Business “extra” removed during the day.

Footwear : boots and zap it boots lined in favor of such shoes boots bass, oxford, derbies, pumps or ballet flats.

The colors and prints : the focus is on light colors (white, beige, taupe), bright or pastel prints spring.

Looks midseason
Some associations practices to be adapted according to the weather
and your style.

  • Jeans + shirt + vest + end trench.
  • Pants + shirt + shirt + jacket.
  • Trousers + jacket + + light sweater jacket.
  • + Tank top dress worn underneath jacket + long coat worn as tights +.
  • Dress + jacket + blazer + sticky end.
  • Top + skirt / blouse + blazer + tights.