Delfina Delettrez-Fendi


The artistic flair, passion for fashion, creating and running accessories by Fendi family. The daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi, in just over 20 years of age, Delfina Delettrez jewelry designer is the most influential of his generation. Born in Rome, grew up between Italy and Brazil, making his debut working in the department of Chanel style.

His innate sense of style and passion for design led accessories your jewelry collection which he presented to the press in October 2007.

Since then, Delfina has never looked back. Catapulted the young prodigy to international star, each of her collections basa unanimous acclaim of the fashion system and is a benchmark for all the creative scene.

Art and culture in all its forms, from botany to religion through the anatomy, music and architecture are beautifully expressed using quality materials and exceptional workmanship to create pieces that have made history in contemporary lajoyeria.

Delfina collections are a mix of flowers, skulls, wild beasts, crosses, and pieces inspired by the human body works and her daringly combines gold, silver, marble, ceramics, exotic woods and pieces of bone, glass, crystals, diamonds , polished brass and varnish colors, a style that is altogether Gothic, rock, romantic, passionate, and surprisingly, determining and playful.