Special Week Lif Noe Bernacelli Haute Couture

Special Week

Characterized by its elegance and great sensitivity to the details, we love Noe Bernacelli with each of their designs.

Was formed in Italy, was a disciple of Gianfranco Ferre who acquired the excellent habit of giving each creation as if it were unique and returned to Peru to become one of the most respected designers in the middle.

Young, but no less skilled and determined that many of the designers who already have a long way, Noe began designing Bernacelli classical pieces perfect and flawless seams with over time acquired a unique style and more daring.

Each piece of sample Bernacelli perfection and dedication of countless hours of work that ultimately become a work of art with exquisite fabrics and impeccable embroidered feathers and crystals.

worth mentioning that their collections are not only dedicated to women, also struck in 2011 with an impeccable and unique collection for men.

His collection for this Lifweek promises to be magical as it is inspired by the enchanted forests where the nymphs are confused between the atmosphere of a world full of enchantment and mystery.

Bernacelli manages to combine this vision with details inspired by eighteenth-century France. Courts and military badges that contrast with the extreme femininity of these divine beings.

Dedicated his collection to women of great sensitivity who live and celebrate art in all its expressions.