The dry shampoo: how does it work?

The dry shampoo

Comeback this season for the dry shampoo that invades rays beauty.

This nifty product will he the new hit of the spring? In any case it facilitates our lives beauty addict. If we know the use. Instructions.

What it is: First, let’s be clear, the shampoo dry is not a real shampoo, within the meaning of the word. It will not replace your shampoo with regular water. No miracle here like “I pschitte and presto, I leave for three days.” This is a workaround that allows to push his shampoo one day save his mane or if our hair reach end of life and we do not have time to shampoo a real example.

This powder-based absorbents active (usually rice starch or corn, clay, oats) occurs most often in the form of spray. Once applied, it absorbs sebum, making the hair look cleaner. How to Use: The shampoo is used so dry without water and apply on dry hair. The product is sprayed at 30 cm of the hair at the roots. It is useless to apply the tips because the sebum usually focuses on the roots. It pschitte well shampoo dry along the lines, but also on the top underside of the mane.

It does not hesitate to lift her hair to distribute the product. We wait a few minutes (depending on the shampoo) and then, depending on the product, it will be vigorously brushing or massaging with the fingers or rubbing with a towel to remove the powder. Careful not to be too heavy in the hand time of the application under penalty of doing more harm than good. This may indeed turn to the cat, the accident of shampoo being fatal to the dry look.

We remember well the white mane of Kate Moss Longchamp during the evening a few years ago that apparently was not a willingness on the top to launch a new fashion (even if this was the case) but missed a big beauty. Who is it for: Since we must vigorously brush the hair afterwards, it’s not for curly hair or frizzy, brush their being prohibited under penalty of two washes to transfer Jackson Five with a fluffy mane. It can be very useful against by the Hair regreasing quickly to those who are tired of washing your hair every day or, occasionally, normal hair to help out in emergencies.

It is also perfect if you go on vacation mode adventurer without water on the horizon or hiking. One drawback: If it absorbs sebum, it makes hair dull as in blotting it off necessarily shine, especially on dark hair. Finally, on some hair, the shampoo does not dry. Some have the impression of having hair dirtier after (often because the product was improperly removed). Beauty tip can turn his shampoo and use it as dry styling. It indeed brings the volume to the hair and gives it texture. Not bad for fine hair or formless. To do this: the product after spraying, brushing or massaging the hair upside down.