Lif Week Special: Jimena Mujica

Jimena Mujica

With a unique style and sophisticated, Jimena Mujica surprising each of her collections of bags and has earned a total respect and admiration both in Peru, where it stands out for its originality, as in other parts of the world. Already have an important place in New York where, through participation of prestigious Showroom Seven in 2009, was selected by two very important boutiques to showcase their stunning pieces.

Carry a bag of Jimena Mujica is not only a unique stamp of style and elegance that is recognized among them aware of their creations is also a constant surprise since, for this great designer, all clients are unique and therefore so are its parts.

Jimena Mujica

Each of his creations is handmade with a blend of textures and materials such as leather, furs, precious stones, feathers, and in several of its models are also touches of fabrics typical of Peruvian culture. The result of their designs is really considered a work of art that emits signals sensuality, femininity and strength.

Jimena will be launching its new collection this April 27 in the second edition of LIF Week, let us surprise you.