Alessandra Petersen: Who Is Alice?


The creative designer Alessandra Petersen Peruvian recently introduced its new Fall Winter 2011 collection titled “Who is Alice?” In an unprecedented fashion, where merged interior design and fashion in an exquisite way.

The presentation took place in an old mansion in Miraflores, which was perfectly adequate to stage a story clearly inspired by the enigmatic and always entertaining world of Alice in Wonderland.

This collection by Alessandra Petersen is a collection encantantadora, sweet and romantic, full of soft colors and ultra feminine where all shades of nude and company mix in silhouettes that fall into the body of loosely models and subtle.

Although the official presentation of the collection “Who is Alice?” The beautiful and delicate gowns were the stars of the night, another thing that caught our attention much in this collection F / W 2011 by Alessandra Petersen was the wonderful fabrics that look appeared in his latest book, where the colors and textures of different sweaters that makes us want to wrap presents in them all winter.

After seeing the work of Alessandra Petersen, we are confident that it has become one of the Peruvian designers more creative and innovative at the time, and already look forward to seeing other things that delight us later …