Massimiliano Giornetti: “Classic Is Very Important”

We are close to the opening of Salvatore Ferragamo in Lima, Italian firm that is characterized by the luxury and style of accessories; Massimiliano Giornetti this time, Ferragamo Creative Director, tells us a little about it …

When working in a company with principles and values forged family, tradition becomes a must both collections we have as in the operation of the company in general, whether in offices in Italy, or a store of Salvatore Ferragamo in New York.

Massimiliano Giornetti: "Classic Is Very Important"

Designs that makes Maximilian, are designs that can persist over time, that is why a woman wearing Ferragamo is well known as someone possessing classic pieces that can stay in place for years; accessories desired by many forever. Ferragamo woman is a woman dress when radiates femininity and classicism.

To Massimiliano Giornetti the key pieces of a style are the perfect fusion between classic and elegant. That traditional glamor of the 30s, which represents very well the essence of brand Ferragamo, combined with an attitude that is elegant by nature, is what makes highlight the style of a person, and capture glances wherever you go.