Bikini begins operation 2012!


By now, with summer just around the corner, I’m sure many of you have started, or do you intend to start the operation bikini this year.

During the summer we expose our body with lighter clothes, bikinis, swimsuits … It’s normal to want to be perfect to wear on the beach palm. To do this, we have to some sacrifice and patience, but always healthy and fun. keys to the operation bikini 2012 has obvious positive effects on our body, not to mention health, is to maintain a diet healthy and balanced and do sport .

Most diets make us lose weight very fast but can affect our health.


It is best to change habits and learn to eat! You can choose a diet balanced in nutrients, eat almost anything and lose weight. Along with food, the sport is critical to burn the calories you have eaten.

It is advisable to play sports continuously, but with the arrival of summer we can work especially those areas that concern us as legs, abs and arms.

If you want to be perfect this summer, from sofeminine a few tips and healthy recipes for this operation take effect. If you’ve started, you can refine the method, if you have not yet, get going! 3, 2, 1 … bikini begins operation 2012!