Fan DI Fendi

Light, bright and cheerful, the fragrance Fan di Fendi intoxicates us with his youthful and sensual scent inspired fun and very feminine women. This perfume is a reinterpretation of the original but more sparkling, vivid and transporting the Italian summer.

The composition of this substance has been enriched with new shades of green and invigorating citrus. There are Sicilian bergamot, Calabrian mandarin, pear, green tea, Italian broom, yellow jasmine and skin tones in the composition.

The heart is wrapped in all of Italy Retama replacing Damascena rose.

Fan DI Fendi

The note is solar, the image and likeness of yellow jasmine harmony. While, the particular quality of Patchouli and harmony reminiscent pale leather Cuoio Romano (Roman leather) designs Fendi.

The bottle is a pure gem, extremely beautiful and perfectly emblematic intemporal. Mas ultra light, lighter, bottle of eau de toilette is the color of the rising sun, with the iconic double F buckle bag “Baguette” bright white gold.

The bottle cap closure subtly reminds Peekaboo bag has gone from black to bright white ivory. The box is a hymn to the brand and packaging codes seam: yellow. To differentiate Fan di FENDI is inscribed in white.