Loewe launches services for customizing bags

Amazon Atelier is a new service from the fashion house, which allows users to customize the Amazona bag model, the most famous and classic Loewe was created in 1975, and two wallets.

Thus the Spanish house comprises introducing into these new times, knowledge and craft fur has acquired since he was born in the mid-nineteenth century in order to provide exclusivity and quality to its customers.


The new service of Loewe, the main objective is to continue to retain all the features that are recognized their bags, but while searching the personalization and individualization of their products, thus to continue in his line of exclusive, quality that is now synonymous with luxury.

Amazon Atelier will be available from next month in the exclusive shops of Loewe in Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan and Madrid, but is available in other outlets in the world but through revolving stands.