Cardamom Seed Jewelry

Cardamom Seed Jewelry

Pick of the day for a young jewelry brand. These Cardamom seed I discovered today, which offers designer jewelry and accessories to chew, a bit rock’n’roll, glamor, fantasy, romantic and feminine wish.

I invite you to discover the world in pictures, it’s worth a look!

Jewelry nodes not dork

Necklace with pendants black satin bow and silver heart.

Necklace with bow and metal medallion that opens (Collier memory, € 32).

In the same genre as the necklace above, here is the bracelet with knot and metal mini locket that can be opened (Bracelet Souvenir, € 26).

Cardamom Seed Jewelry

For fans of nodes (and I know many of you) know that the designer also offers rings and hairpins shaped node.
Hands up!

Silver necklace with heart pendants, medallions and small pistol with registration Kill Me Again (34 €).
Lucky charms

Necklace silver chain with large tooth black plastic wing eagle silver pearl and small orange (Gri-Gris necklace, € 38).

Completely rock’n’roll!

We end by two jewelry style glam rock.

Brooch guitar black painted wood and varnished (7.5 cm long), surmounted by two small silver chains and pearl (Guitar Pin, 30 € – Also available in colors wood).

Necklace with pendant wooden guitar painted and varnished (Guitar Necklace, € 38 – Also available in black and white).