Caring for the diet at work

Although many of us wish it were not so, the fact is that today we dedicate most of our time to our work, making our workday in the major portion of our day. This is so that ends up affecting other facets of our daily routine, such as our leisure time or our food.

Regarding entertainment, there is little that we can do more than learn to enjoy our work and try to get out early to spend more time on our hobbies, something fun addition to not end need saturated or even depressed.

Regarding diet, although it seems equally problematic point, the fact is that with a little skill is easier aunarlo with our workday.

Unfortunately, most of us work in offices or similar places, spending most of the day sitting at a computer eating any fatty snack when we have a free moment, often without even away from the screen.

Thus, ended up very badly, something that added to the routine ends sedentary without exercise resulting in some overweight, depressed mood and even more potential health problems, especially coronary and respiratory. It is true that most of us work we subtract hours rest and relaxation, but also can not allow us to subtract health.

Caring for the diet at work

However, as we have said, this doomsday scenario is perfectly reversible, simply put some of us to break this routine and lead a healthy and balanced diet to our workplace. If we follow some simple and practical advice not take long to eat much better in our work, which will end repercussions not only in our figure, but also an iron and a much more positive mood and happy to deal with a smile to our day to day.

Flee menus for workers. Though in areas with concentrations of office buildings or other specialized local jobs abound in meals for workers, the fact is that their menus are not very recommended, as they tend to abuse both fatty foods as the abundance of fried or dressings. If we have no choice but to eat at one of these places one day, it’s best to ask for meat or grilled fish with salad, unseasoned all, to add to table the exact amount of toppings you want.

Homemade food is always the best option. The only way to be sure that what we eat is as healthy is preparing our own food ourselves. This option should not be a problem, since in free ads on the Internet can find everything from books to cooking classes with lots of recipes.

Ideally, the kitchen becomes an entertainment rather than an obligation, and that we will soon realize that there are plenty of options and ingredients to prepare a thousand and one fun and healthy meals quickly and easily.

Create routines to feed. One thing you should always keep in mind is that no matter what I eat alone, but must also take into account the way we eat. Our body has a memory, and if we eat at irregular times and we skip meals understood that access to food is a problem, so it will work to keep all the fat you eat. The best way to avoid this is to not skip any food intake and try to maintain fixed schedules, vary no more than thirty minutes a day to another, so that our body know that food is not a problem and does not There is need to store more fat reserves.

Distributes food throughout the day. This advice is closely linked to the previous one, since in addition to always eat at the same time, it is advisable to distribute this food all day. So not only will strengthen our body the idea that food is not scarce, but also avoid hunger and satiety peaks associated with heavy meals too. It goes without saying that these snacks, no sweets or must resort to industrial bakery full of saturated fats, as is always healthier to take a piece of fruit or a cereal cake.

Never eat alone in front of the computer. As we said at first, they often end up eating while working, perhaps for lack of time or sheer inertia. This behavior is not advisable, since we are often not aware of what we eat and end up eating more food. It’s best to turn food into a social event with our co-workers, because not only will strengthen ties with a good talk, but without realizing more our snacks, so food will taste better and need less food to be satisfied.

Eating healthy is only the first step. With the above tips will improve greatly our food at work, but we must not stop there, as the next target to beat is exercise. Whether in our common house or if we find houses for rent, the ideal is to have the job to a favorable distance cycling or rollerblading, or at least have a gym nearby to get some exercise at least two or three times week.