Pandora jewelry the magic continues

Inspired by the collections of the major fashion designers, the magical world of “Pandora”, faces a new creation.

This summer comes the limited edition dedicated to the macrame bracelets.

Pandora jewelry the magic continues

With romantic fantasies inspired by the delicate lace, colored coral and lavender to enhance your tan, then move on to softer shades such as ivory and pearl.

The choice is wide as there is a good possibility of using a variety of clips.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the wonderful charm and clip in sterling silver, adorning the Pandora bracelet are finished by hand, selected and controlled.

Each charm is subjected to thirty checks from under the watchful eyes of skilled workers, who select and provide the product as sold.

The plot of the bracelet in macrame lace, through a particular procedure, it is starched to ensure greater strength and consistency to the jewel.

Very bad trend to the season that portends a real must-have this summer.

Alone or combined with classic silver bracelet, suits every taste.

The Danish brand that produces its creations since 1982, recently landed on the Italian market but it is growing and is captivating the whole female population, giving glamorous accessories of refined elegance.