Secret Velvet Jewelry

Secret Velvet Jewelry

Impossible not to succumb to the Secret Velvet jewelry, the brand launched in March 2010 by Mary, a young designer from Bordeaux.

Earrings, rings and necklaces handmade populate his fantasy world between mind vintage, year 50’s and French pastries.

It pauses around earrings intensive Secret Velvet, so well done that you do require to chew it. A real favorite!

Secret Velvet Jewelry

Earrings ice

It’s summer … want a little sorbet?

Earrings shaped raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream (Secret Velvet, € 9.50).

Cupcake earrings

You’re pretty perfume strawberry or chocolate?

Earrings cupcake with strawberry (Secret Velvet, € 18.50).

Earrings shaped cupcake with chocolate truffle cream (Secret Velvet, € 18.50).

Earrings Chocolate

It ends with a full gourmet chocolate. And crack!

Earrings chocolate (Secret Velvet, now on sale at € 10.08 instead of € 16.25).