Tiffany & Co Infinity: ring, necklace and bracelet to swear eternal love

Tiffany & Co Infinity

Tiffany & Co has declined the symbol of ‘Infinite to create jewelry that express eternal love. rings, necklace, bracelet: Whatever your choice, each model Describes the bond of perfect love that lasts forever, the dream of every lover of true.

Romantic jewelry, with sinuous lines and delicate, where the most precious materials, from ‘silver to platinum, combined with diamonds Tiffany, are shaped in the symbol, mathematics, passing the love: quell’otto lying is more than a simple indication. It is the visualization of the ideal bond, declined with the usual skill at Tiffany & Co jewelry for eternal love. Let’s take a look at the Tiffany Infinity models.

The most iconic and perhaps most desired, as in other models of the house, is the ‘ring Tiffany Infinity.

The jewel has become a true icon for lovers, even in its simplest version, in silver, the brand has, However, wanted to raise the bar and set aside the silver model to propose to more elegant version.

The Infinity is a platinum ring and small diamonds running along the infinity symbol on the ring and to the enlightened promise of love.

The choice of platinum and diamonds can be found also in the cuff of Tiffany Infinity: the symbol is studded with round brilliant-cut diamonds and is the hub of the platinum bracelet, simply elegant.

The bracelet is also available in total silver, to match the necklace, again all in silver. If you love the simplicity or you have another version, you can opt for the pendant in silver, mounted on a chain.

For lovers of yellow gold, Tiffany has created the Infinity pendant anche in yellow gold 18 carat, tied at both ends by two thin strands of chain, in gold.

To match Infinity ring Tiffany is also the pendant in platinum sparkle on which round brilliant-cut diamonds: a light chain around his neck and to bring the light of the diamonds that illuminates any look.

Finally, a version of the author of Infinity, silver, where the symbol is joined to the cross to give new shape to another symbol known around the world: two pendants, available in two sizes, are original creations by Elsa Peretti, the Italian designer fashion house, which worked on a single piece of metal to give shape to his cross Infinity.

Receive as a gift at Tiffany & Co jewelry is always a great emotion and the Infinity line makes it even more special, as it should be an everlasting love.