The Fall Beauty

The Fall Beauty

As the summer air cools and fall clothes arriving in stores, pass through our minds only trends of the new season. On what will bring? And although we are obsessed with everything sartorial, the proposals presented during the Fashion Week not only have to do with clothing, walkways would not be complete without a concept of beauty to accompany and accentuate the collections.

The Natural Face: Many designers opted for a natural makeup with pink lips, very small amounts of eyeliner and a minimalist, almost tomboy. A perfect look for fall and they can easily be achieved with only a small amount of mascara, a bit of powder for smoothness, and a lipstick almost neutral / pink to match the color of the lips.

Colorful Lips: A choice to give life to that minimalist look is to use a lipstick bold tone. Many designers used bright colors for eye shadow and lips, but they were only an accent. For example, red lips complements the natural appearance and perfectly neutral.

Nails: You would think that the nail polish is not as important as the clothes and hair, but it absolutely is. Some designers selected natural nail colors, while others, some a little more daring, and also chose colors like white or an ombre finish.

’60s And ’70s: The air at the 60 and 70 are a strong trend this season. During Fashion Week, when the models wore no makeup minimalist, walked the catwalk with strong shadow colors and flashy.

Delineated: The vibration of the 60s and 70’s continuous cool accessories and also with the shape of the eye shadow application. The cat eyeliner with bright colors is our favorite. Also, neon-colored tabs marked another guidelines.

Phenomenon: A common trend was the “beautiful mess” phenomenon. This applies to both hair and makeup. With liner run below the eye giving the appearance of I “woke up” that is sexy and sassy without looking frumpy.

Hairstyle: The trend “beautiful mess” was especially noticeable with hair. Many models had their hair parts that were quite soft in places, but also a bit more disheveled and loose in the back. A look relaxed, uncomplicated and very easy to achieve!