How To Recreate The Look Of Glinda

How To Recreate The Look Of Glinda

Is very close to the premiere of Oz, The Mighty, but since we are fans of the makeup of Glinda, Czech how steal your look!

The makeup of the cast of the movie Oz, The Mighty is incredible colors and palettes make her look super striking each of impeccable character. Glinda is the Good Witch of the film and its makeup is super natural, loved the palette color used Vivian Baker, head makeup artist of Oz , to ensure that shone with a special glow.

World Vivian Rose interviewed and revealed the steps so that you achieve the makeup of this adorable witch. Follow them to get a makeup super glam!

The objective of the makeup of Vivian Glinda in Oz, The Mighty was show their luster inside and make it look as naturally as possible. “She is good, kindness and inner magic , I do not think such beauty should be hidden in so much makeup, “said Vivian Baker.

How To Recreate The Look Of Glinda

Steal the look Glinda
For a natural makeup look and bright as this character, you need to have the correct tones of your skin in the following items: concealer, foundation and translucent powder. It is important that these are your exact skin tone, the aim is to look as natural as possible and not look for any reason you are makeup.

  • The first thing you should do is to apply concealer to areas with well conceal imperfections.
  • Apply a light coat of your base, blending with a brush that is not too loaded.
  • Finish with a little translucent powder to your face has that natural glow and the base is sealed.

Magic Eyes

  • The shadows are the focus of this makeup, because the eyes should be bright and dim. Apply all over your eyelid a shadow bone with some glitter and blend well, then you should apply some light brown shadow in the creases of your eye. It is important that the lower lid applique some purple shadow to give more depth to your eye.
  • To cap your eye makeup, use false eyelashes, you can use single or full strip, always remember to apply a coat of mascara to make them look more natural.
  • It is important that you use a dark eyeliner to give much more depth to your eyes and make them look much bigger, if you choose a grape colored eyeliner, the result will be much better.

Final Touch

  • Finish with a bit of blush on your cheekbones terracotta to give more prominence and naturalness.
  • Do not forget to apply a lipstick nude or off-white so that your lips look more plump but not look as makeup.
  • An extra plus the nails, they will be fabulous if you combine them with a tone similar to your lipstick. The magic will not wait with makeup as cute as this.

Matching makeup Glinda is not complicated, and you’ll look super pretty and very natural! It is ideal for an appointment in the morning or afternoon meal, completely shine.